Visit Romania and its beauties

The variety of the Romanian landscape, which combines high mountains with hills, plains and a unique delta, corresponds to a diversity also reflected in our customs and traditions, in our history and culture. There are not many places endowed with such a perfect combination of the beauty and the picturesque that makes a country desirable for tourists, so give up any prejudices and prepare yourself for nice surprises. Each region has its own specific, from the culinary specialities to the architectural style, from the monasteries to the museums and from the sunny seaside resorts to the modern health spas. All this diversity contributes to the preservation and valorisation of the Romanian cultural identity. Whoever is not already familiar with the country will require a good deal of time in order to fully discover all its celebrated values and beauties. Below we have tried to show you la crème de la crème of our country’s attractions, even if this represents only a small part of what you can experiment here. Our advice? Visit Romania to try the complete experience!