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Gastronomy is a field in which influences from surrounding and nearby cuisines are very important. Interactions between neighbouring countries or countries belonging to the same geographical space have led to the creation of several special characteristics that define that space from a gastronomic perspective. Countries such as Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, though boasting with separate, individual cuisines, have also come together under the umbrella of the delicious Balkan gastronomy.

If you come to Sibiu and want to taste special dishes belonging to this branch of European cuisine, you can head to Balkan Bistro, situated at the ground floor of Continental Forum Hotel. Eating here is like travelling throughout all the Balkan countries and actually feeling their entire cultural experience, especially due to the fact that the menu includes dishes and recipes written in the language of the dish’ origin country.

Among the local specialties that we recommend, we mention the Croatian beef, Halloumi (fried cheese), Greek feta cheese with basil, chicken with vegetables and pomegranate, Turkish salads, Kefir sauce and pies with various fillings (meat, cheese, spinach). Feel free to mix two or more countries on a plate or taste a bit of everything.

The atmosphere at Balkan Bistro is one that will also remind you of the vivid streets of the Balkans. The restaurant is decorated in black and orange-red, typical colours of this region, which also contribute to creating a pleasant, relaxing ambience. During the hot summer days, guests can also have lunch and dinner outdoors, in the bistro’s interior garden.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 12:00 – 23:00

How to get there:

Balkan Bistro is situated within 8 minutes walking distance from the Large Square in the centre of the city. From here, take Nicolae Balcescu Blvd to the Union Square, where you will reach your destination (on the right side).


Address: Union Square, no 10, Sibiu

Tel: +40 372 692 692

Fax: +40 372 692 693


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