Right in the centre of Cluj-Napoca, less than 5 minutes away from the Roman Catholic Church of St. Michael, lies the large and lively Museum Square. Once you get there, you will be welcomed by the happy faces of the people eating on the terrace of Camino Restaurant. Rightfully considered one of the best in the city, the restaurant boasts with an original and healthy Italian cuisine.

Situated inside the Baroque Mikes Palace, Camino offers its guests seating both indoor and outdoor, either on the back patio or on the terrace from the Museum Square, which is great for people-watching. The interior, vintage decorated and preserving a Baroque air, has the same lively atmosphere as the outdoor area, mainly due to the waiters who swarm from place to place, not forgetting to smile on the way. The service is quick and attentive, and makes you feel as if you were among friends.

The dishes at Camino are not very sophisticated, but are made from organic and fresh ingredients. The menu is not very rich either, but it includes homemade pasta and a variety of tasty soups, salads and delicious desserts at a fair value. From lemonades to sangria, wines and beers, the drinks list offers a wide selection from where to choose from.

Photos by Adi Hadean and Dacian Groza.

Tip: For guests who prefer a more intimate atmosphere, the back patio is the best choice. However, eating in that area is not always available, so make sure you ask this when reserving your table.

How to get there: From the Union Square you have to take the pedestrian alley that leads to the house of Matei Corvin, then turn right and immediately left on another pedestrian alleys to the Museum Square.


Museum Square, no 4

+40 749 200 117

+40 730 900 868

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