Count Dracula Club Restaurant, opened in 1997, is a unique restaurant in Bucharest, inspired by Bram Stocker’s novel, “Dracula”. Housed by a 19th century building which preserves certain medieval characteristics, the restaurant has been carefully decorated to suit its special theme.

The Medieval Room, dedicated to Vlad Ţepeş’ family, displays weapons, paintings and engravings depicting bloody battles against the Turks, while the Transylvanian Room, full of ritual masks, hand carved wooden chairs and blue ceramics plates, recreates the mysterious atmosphere full of Transylvania. Hunting trophies, animal furs and a huge fireplace decorate Dracula’s Hunting Room, while the English Bar, with its Gothic arcades, will remind you of London. The tour of the Count’s residence ends with the Library, where you will find a variety of books, maps, travel guides, postcards, artifacts and a vast collection of movies about Bucharest and Romania.

If after visiting this creepy abode of Count Dracula you still feel like eating and drinking, we recommend you the house specialties. From the bar menu you can choose some of the Count’s cocktails, suggestively named Children of the Night, The Crucifix or Dracula Elixir, which perfectly pair special dishes such as the Van Helsing Plate (raw dried beef Carpaccio with cheese, basil, garlic and olive oil) and Impaled chicken. For dessert, try the chocolate mousse served with ice cream, which will leave you “Dead by Chocolate”. Apart from these special gastronomic wonders, you can also try traditional Romanian dishes, such as stuffed cabbage rolls with polenta.

Reservations are recommended. Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted.


Splaiul Independenţei St, no 8A

Tel : +40 213 121 353

Fax: +40 213 123 056