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The traditional restaurant Wolves’ Tavern in Bran welcomes its guests in an authentic Romanian atmosphere, enlivened by the cheerful rhythms of folk music. Part of the same resort complex as Wolf 1 Hotel and Wolf 2 Hotel, the tavern is always full with customers in search of the genuine local cuisine.

The menu at Wolves’ Tavern is rich in delicious traditional dishes and local specialties. We recommend you to start your meal with the traditional platter from Bran, which includes seven different types of cheese, zacusca, eggplant salad and cucumber. Continue with a portion of tripe soup or country soup with smoked meat and, for the main course, try the Dracula cutlet or the Tavern’s roast meat. If you come with a group, you can opt for the platters for two or four people: Wolves’ Tavern (fried livers, chicken meat, pork sausages, mushrooms, fried breaded cheese and pickles), Chateaubriand or smoked pork knuckles with fried cabbage or beans – for two, and The king’s feast (smoked pork knuckles, turkey legs, skewers, chicken legs, smoked ribs, sausages, pork cutlet, baked potatoes, country potatoes, vegetables, fried cabbage, pickles, oranges, apples, kiwi) – for four. If you are still up for dessert, you should try the house Wolf pie or a portion of papanaşi.

With a capacity of 250 seats inside, 100 seats on the terrace and two intimate booths for 12 people, Wolves’ Tavern is a perfect location for a dinner with friends, but also for a private event. The rustic atmosphere, the attentive service and the extraordinary food make it a great choice for organizing here a wedding party, an anniversary or a wine tasting in the restaurant’s wine cellar.


Wolves’ Tavern is a children-friendly restaurant, so you can leave your little ones playing in the spacious dedicated playground situated in the restaurant’s interior courtyard.

How to get there:

From Bran Castle, take DN73 national road in the direction of Braşov and drive for 3.2km before reaching your destination.


Branului St, no 36 bis

Tel: +40 268 237 013


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