Transylvania is the heart of Romania, situated within the Carpathians’ arch. This touristic region captivates through the diversity of its landscape and the Saxon, Romanian and Hungarian cultural confluences.

The traceable history of the region goes as far back as prehistoric times, but the oldest visitable sights are the ancient Dacian fortresses situated in the picturesque Orăștie Mountains.

The Transylvanian cities and towns that you will visit or pass through, depending on your final destination, still keep some of the medieval atmosphere that charms the visitors and reminds them of the region’s past under the Hungarian and Habsburg rule. Brașov, Sibiu and Sighişoara are only three exquisite examples, the best preserved ones and the most rewarding for tourists. In their surroundings, the Germanic influence in the area can further be noted in the imposing Gothic architecture of the Saxon fortified churches and of the famous and extremely popular among tourists Bran Castle. Change the style to the more gracious Neo-Renaissance and visit Peleș Castle, a true architectural jewel.

You can also head to the countryside or to a health spa resort in order to draw away from the overwhelming architecture and busy city life and relax in an agro-touristic pension or a spa centre. If, however, you are a more active traveller and enjoy practicing different types of sports and activities, Transylvania is home to mountain resorts which have many opportunities to offer throughout the year, from skiing in the winter to hiking, paragliding and even bungee jumping in the summer.