Izvoare is a ski resort in Maramureş, located in an area with natural springs and a good climate for treating various diseases. The resort was established in 1936, after a team of members from a tourism association called Societatea Carpatină Ardeleană took a trip in the surrounding areas in 1934 and saw their beauty and their potential for both summer and winter mountain activities. The following year, a sport club organized here the first ski classes. The original wooden chalet built in 1936 was destroyed by a fire in 1974, and a modern complex was built over it.

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Nowadays, the resort boasts with several hotels and numerous facilities for tourism. During the winter, tourists can practice skiing, tubing and off-track skiing and take snowmobile rides. There is one ski slope (Cora), with a length of 800m and a medium level of difficulty, and a snow tubing park, with a length of 200m, both of them served by ski-lifts. During summer, tourists coming to Izvoare can have fun in Jungle Park adventure park, biking, rafting, hiking, going off-road, hunting or fishing.

Other important attractions in the area include the wooden churches of Maramureș.