Who wouldn’t want to have a glass of sweet and sour lemonade and some Glâce des Alpes ice cream during summer or a cup of hot chocolate with spices in the winter in a cosy, homely and friendly café? Bastilia Librarium Café, part of Bastilia Librarium book store in Bucharest, is an intimate corner where these dreams turn into reality every day.

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Guests of the café come here for the pleasure of reading a few pages of their favourite books while enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The way in which the taste of the drink combines with and enhances the smell of books is a way of bringing back old memories and giving birth to new ideas. The quiet, subdued atmosphere at Bastilia Librarium Café is both relaxing and inspirational, and makes each guest feel comfortable.

Although the menu is not a very rich one, it includes drinks whose effects potentiate the imagination and revive the spirit. You can try a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot from 2008 or Dealul Racoveanu Chardonnay from 2009, an ice and mint lemonade, 8 types of coffee, 6 types of hot chocolate and a delicious ice cream.


If you liked the two types of wines that you can enjoy at Bastilia Librarium Café, Chardonnay and Sauvignon & Merlot, you can also buy them by the bottle to drink at home, share with your friends or give as present.

How to get there:

Bastilia Librarium Café is situated in Bucharest’s centre, in the Romană Square. It can be easily reached by metro and bus (get off at the Piaţa Romană station).


Romană Square, no 5

+40 213 154 314