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Romania’s climate is temperate continental, specific to Central Europe. It is characterized by four distinct seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The average temperature in summer is 22 – 24 degrees Celsius, but maximum temperatures can reach 38°C. In the winter, the average temperature is below minus 3°C.

Here are some recommendations for each season:

Spring – From March to May

Spring is a short season, but rather unstable. The average temperature is 14°C, but it can reach 20°C in the south of the country. Spring is a suitable season for visiting Romania, mainly for enjoying the traditions and customs related to the Easter celebration. For those who don’t like too high temperatures, spring is the best time to visit the following recommended cities: Braşov, Sibiu and Sighişoara.

Summer – From June to August

Summers in Romania are generally hot and sunny. The average hours of sunshine per day range from nine to ten. It is the ideal season to explore the Carpathians and to enjoy different mountain sports. Also, don’t miss the top destinations of the Romanian seaside: Mamaia, Costineşti, Vama Veche, known for their sandy beaches and exciting nightlife.

Autumn – From September to November

Autumn is usually cooler and sometimes rainy, but still enjoyable and favourable for your holiday. Don’t forget about the autumn traditional festivals!

Winter – From December to February

The temperatures can sometimes reach even – 15°C, however usually it won’t be that cold. For winter sports’ lovers, Romania offers 115 km of ski slopes.