Zara Café, part of the BinderBubi Hotel & Spa complex, is one of the most stylish, cosy and intimate cafés and bars in Sighișoara. From the design to the decorations, from the friendly service to the comfortable atmosphere, everything breathes modernity, elegance and style.

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Here you can enjoy a coffee in the morning, you can have business meetings out of the hectic, noisy or stressed office atmosphere, and you can even organize small parties with your family, friends, colleagues and business partners.

The drink list will surely provide such a varied selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that even the biggest thirst will be quenched. Serve an appetiser here, before having a delicious lunch at BinderBubi Hotel’s restaurant or an entertaining dinner at La Pastorella Wine Cellar.

Moreover, at Zara Café you can continue to indulge yourself after taking an incredible journey of pleasure and relaxation in the Blumengarten Spa & Wellness Center. The quiet, calm atmosphere makes it a perfect environment for reading a good book or even bringing your laptop for a little work before going to sleep.

Reservations are recommended. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted.

Reservation enquiries and other queries can be sent directly to Zara Café with the form below.

Zara Café, part of the BinderBubi Hotel & Spa, is situated within 5 min walking distance from the Clock Tower in Sighișoara.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout Zara Cafe, so you can check your emails whilst enjoying a coffee or a drink.

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