Bari, Italy

Two years ago, I visited Bari, the main city of Puglia, a poor region of Italy, inhabited by nice people, very proud of their local history, customs and traditions. What caught my attention was the street life: people shouting at each other, children playing in the streets, old men discussing on every street corner…So, if you want to feel the heart of this country, go and enjoy the charm of the regions like: Puglia, Sicily or Calabria ( which is in my future travel plans ). 😊

Useful telephone numbers


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If you are facing any kind of emergency, dial the unique emergency number 112. For any other information related to your stay in Romania, we have provided a list of useful telephone numbers where you can address your enquiries. Continue reading

Sports and outdoor activities


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Sports & Outdoor Activities

Romania has an unlimited potential for offering its tourists unforgettable memories, to a great extent due to the phenomenal richness and diversity of its relief. If you like moving, sweating, getting dirty and filling up with adrenaline, Romania comes to meet your needs by offering a wide spectrum of sports and outdoor activities that you can choose from. Below we have prepared only a small description of what tourists can experience here, be them professional or amateur sportsmen. Continue reading

Romanian currency


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The leu is the official currency of Romania. Since January 2007, the old Romanian leu (plural lei) was replaced by the Romanian New Leu (abbreviated RON). The new lei come in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500, but it is better to use only smaller banknotes (up to 100 lei), as they are more frequently used. The leu’s subdivision is the ban (plural bani), with 1lei=100bani. The bani coins come in 1, 5, 10 and 50 denominations. Continue reading

Private clinics


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While the quality of the public medical services is usually below standards, the private clinics and hospitals benefit from professional staff, last generation equipments and modern facilities. Moreover, the staff of these private institutions can usually speak English or other foreign languages, which turns out to be a very valuable trait in case of need. Although we wish you a stay undisturbed by medical problems, it’s best to know where to go in case of emergency. Below we have listed some of the biggest private health providers in Romania which offer an integrated system of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical campuses and mobile medical units. Continue reading

Practical Information


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We are 101% sure that your experience in Romania will be a memorable one and that you will be thrilled with everything you will see, hear, taste, do – in a word, experience – here. But after you come down from the clouds, with your feet on the ground, you realize that sometimes it is better to leave spontaneity aside and get things organized. Knowing what to expect from the locals, how to behave in certain situation or what is socially accepted to do can save you from unpleasant situations, while having useful information on how to contact your loved ones or what to buy as souvenir always comes handy. Continue reading

Mobile Operators


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When travelling to Romania, it is possible to bring your mobile phone, but beforehand make sure that you have contacted your home mobile operator in order to activate the roaming service. The second condition is to own a tri-band phone able to operate in a 900/1800 MHz GSM network, compatible with that of most of the European countries, but different than that of USA. The roaming service is usually very (and we mean very) expensive, so you’d probably want to use your phone as less as possible. A cheaper and more convenient possibility is to buy a Romanian prepaid SIM card from a specialized cell phone shop, for which, however, you will still need to purchase credit before using it. All mobile numbers start with the 07 code, followed by 8 other digits. If you are calling from abroad or from your foreign phone number, you must dial 00407, and then the next 8 digits. Below we have prepared a list of the main mobile phone services operators in Romania: Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote. Continue reading

Local Media


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The communist censorship drastically reduced the number of daily newspapers, as well as the broadcast hours of the national television channel and the activity of the public publishing houses in Romania. After December 1989, the media sector faced a boom unparalleled by any other field of the Romanian society. The transition from the communist information control to the complete freedom of speech resulted in the rapid increase of the number of private newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, radio stations, television networks or news agencies. Continue reading